Workout App


Discover a more streamlined approach to tracking your workout routine with this intuitive app, designed for simplicity and user-friendliness. Tailor your fitness regime by adding your preferred exercises into a personallized workout routine. Enhance your training experience with the activity lookup feature, which provides detailed information about various exercises via an external API. Whether used on a phone or a computer, the app accommodates both straight and circuit set workouts, fitting seamlessly into your fitness lifestyle. It also enables you to save and revisit your routines, making it easier to track progress over time. For added convenience, a built-in timer is included to help manage rest periods and timed activities, ensuring your workout sessions are as efficient as possible. This app is the perfect companion for any type of workout routine.

Tech Stack

My weightlifting app is engineered with a sleek and modern frontend, utilizing the combined strengths of ReactJS and NextJS, and styled with the versatility of TailwindCSS. On the backend, I've implemented AWS DynamoDB for a highly scalable and reliable database solution. Server-side functionalities are efficiently managed through NextJS API routes. To enrich user experience, I've incorporated an API from API Ninjas for comprehensive activity lookups, enhancing the app's functionality. For user authentication, I've integrated NextAuth JS with the Google Provider, ensuring a secure and streamlined sign-in experience.

Workout App
Image of my workout app