Diving App


Dive into efficiency with my diving meet score tracking app, designed to streamline the way you monitor diving competitions. It offers real-time tracking of all dives and scores, either for individual divers or the entire meet, allowing you to stay updated on placements and performances as they happen. Choose between inputting each judge's score for detailed accuracy or use the composite score for quicker entries. This app isn't just a tool for meets; it's a comprehensive solution for tracking progress throughout the diving season, making it a great tool for parents of a diver.

Tech Stack

This application harnesses the power of ReactJS and NextJS, integrated with Bootstrap for a responsive and dynamic frontend experience. For state management, Redux is employed, ensuring efficient handling of application state. The backend architecture is built on MongoDB, providing a robust database solution, while NextJS API routes are utilized for seamless server-side operations. Security is paramount, and my custom authentication system reflects this by using JWT/cookie-based solutions, combined with bcrypt for reliable password hashing and salting.

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Image of my diving app